Infrastructure Division

Geotechnical & Tunnel Department

Gemdan Extension Line 1 of Incheon Metropolitan Rapid Transit Line

Hamyang ~ Changyeong Lot 9

A Technical Proposal for Building Lot 1 in Busan Ecodelta City Phase 2

Flood Control Capacity Enhance Project of Bulkap Reservoir T/K

Seoul ~ Sejong Lot 10 Galhyeon Tunnel End point.

Starting from Soft Soil to Hard Rock! Provide Total Solution~!

Geotechnical and Tunnel Department is conducting soil & ground surveys, analysis of soft ground and slope surface, base design of Structures, underground safety impact assessment of Road, Railway, Subway, Tunnel, Underground Spatial Structures and specialized for long and wide Chunnel, NATM and TBM, etc.

Based on various experience and technical skills involved in technical bidding (turnkey and technical proposal) and private-partnership projects, Geotechnical and Tunnel Department serves as a head stone the safety of the people and the safety of the structures at the project sites both in and out of the country.

Business Fields

· Tunnel / Underground Space Development Area
- Road and Railway Tunnel
- Large-Centric Underground Tunnel
- Communications and Power Cable Tunnel
- Waterway Tunnel and Undersea Tunnel
· Soil and Basic Engineering Design
- Evaluation of Soft Ground Characteristics and Design of Countermeasures
- Evaluation of Slope Stability and Design of Reinforcement Method
- Structural Foundation Design
- Dam and Embankment Design
- Design of Retaining structure
· R&D
- New Technology Development, Patent and Practical Technology Development
- Government Funded Research Services
· Overseas business
- Land and Tunnel Design
· Evaluation of underground safety effects
- Underground Safety Impact Assessment
- Small-scale underground safety impact assessment
- Post Ground Safety Survey

Major Project