Infrastructure Division

Transportation Planning Department

Traffic Impact Assessment of Samsung to Dongtan Railway Construction Project

A Basic Plan for the Expansion of Road Network in the Southeast Region

Traffic Impact Assessment of the 5th General Industrial Park in Cheonan

Feasibility Study for the Installation of Tancheon Pedestrian Bridge

A Study on the Improvement of Traffic Impact Analysis of the Private Investment Project in the Grain Ponds of Pyeongtaek and Dangjin Harbor

Traffic Impact Assessment of Dangjin Harbor Development Project in Pyeongtaek

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As a department specializing in Traffic, the Traffic Planning Department establishes comprehensive Traffic plans in various fields, including feasibility assessment, including traffic law-abiding plan (city Traffic maintenance, road construction management, public Traffic, traffic safety, pedestrian safety, bicycles), wide area Traffic system, traffic impact assessment, Traffic System Management (TSM), road traffic safety Audit, and private investment projects, and has the best expertise in Korea.

We have accumulated knowledge-how based on numerous domestic and overseas business experiences, and we are steadily developing technologies by actively coping with future high-tech applications and changes in the system in response to the 4th Industrial Revolution.

No matter how future Traffic society drastically changes, we will do our best to provide flawless, impeccable traffic services.

Business Fields

· Feasibility Study and Evaluation of Traffic Facilities
- A Preliminary Feasibility Study for the Development of Public Traffic Facilities, the Verification of Traffic Demand in Traffic Facilities,
and the Feasibility Evaluation of the Adoption of New Traffic Mode
· Traffic handling plan for large-scale development projects
- Measures for the improvement of wide area traffic, measures for establishing a connected Traffic system, traffic impact assessment, traffic
feasibility review, planning and analysis of the Traffic sector in development projects, and inspection of the implementation of the traffic
impact assessment
· Traffic Law-abiding Plan
- A basic plan for urban Traffic organizing, road construction, regional public Transport plan, regional Traffic safety plan, Low-Traffic demand
improvement plan, bicycle use promotion plan, Basic Plan for Improving Pedestrian Traffic, Basic Plan for Improving Pedestrian Safety and
Convenience, Basic Plan for Sustainable Traffic Logistics Development
· Public Traffic operation and facility planning
- Establishment of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project in and out of Korea, Central Bus Exclusive lane Construction Project, Bus Route System
Reorganization Plan, Mass Development Project Plan Public Traffic Facility Plan, Multi-Multiple Transit Center Development Plan
· Planning and designing projects to improve traffic environment and traffic operations
- Traffic System Management (TSM) Plan and Design, Five-Year Life Traffic Improvement Plan and Improvement Project, Pedestrian Preferred Lot
Design, Bicycle Road Design, Accident Vulnerable Area Improvement Project,
Basic plan for road sign maintenance, operation management of traffic signal system, supply and demand survey of parking lot, monitoring
operation of Traffic facilities, general traffic safety
· Private investment projects
- Exploration and Proposal of Private Projects for SOC Facilities
· Overseas Business
- National and regional Traffic master planning, large-scale development project Traffic sector planning, public Traffic infrastructure
planning (BRT, LRT, etc.)

Major Project