Urban Development Division

Urban Planning Department

Basic Plan of Bouinan New Town in Algeria

Feasibility Study of the Industrial Complex in Industrial Complex in Boyolali Regency

Master Plan Establishment of Bitung Special Economic Zone in Indonesia

Yongin Techno Valley General Industrial Complex

Housing Site Development Project in Songjeong District, Ulsan

"Urban Planning Dept., We build living place where the present and the future coexist."

Cities is the place where people, facilities, working space, everyone’s life meets. Urban Planning Dept. aims to create a shelter for today and tomorrow, coexist of nature and human.

Urban Planning Dept. of KDEC has been making best efforts to create reliable city to enrich today's life. With professional engineers equipped with diverse experiences and know-how, we build your life-long reliable city.

Business Fields

· Urban planning area : City · Province basic planning / City · Province management plan establishment / GB management plan establishment (deteriorated land recovery plan) / district unit planning / urban planning facility project / topographical drawing notice, etc.
· Urban · Local development : Housing Site Development Project / Urban Development Project / Public Housing Project / Private Rental Housing Project / Private Park Special Project / Regional Development Project, etc
· Urban Recovery : Urban Re-development Projects / Urban and Residential Environment Improvement Projects (Re-construction, Re-development, Urban Environment, Residential Environment, etc.) / Small-scale re-adjustment projects / Village Area Planning
· Industrial And Logistics Complex : Industrial Complex Development / Logistics (distribution) Complex development project
· Overseas Business Sector : New Town and Industrial Park Development Project
· Other : Development consulting / feasibility of development projects, etc.

Major Project