Urban Development Division

Landscape & Leisure Department

Gwacheon Proposal Perspective 1

Gwacheon Proposal Perspective 2

Schematic Design of Kimpo Airport Public Golf Course

Bird’s Eye View of Baegunsan Forest Welfare Park

Bird’s Eye View of Design Contribution of Ecotelta City 2-1 Area

Bird’s Eye View of Yongjeon Neighborhood Park

"We create eco-friendly comfortable space."

Landscape’s top priority is create a beautiful and healthy environment. We aim to plan, design, construct, and manage eco-friendly environment by applying humanistic and scientific knowledge. Also presents practical solutions which can overcome ecological crises in accordance with the flow of global trends. Eventually, sustainable environment will be bequeathed to the next generation.
To adapt changing paradigms, the professional experts in Landscape & Leisure Department of KDEC carry out plans, designs, and supervision of various amusement parks, tourism complexes, urban regeneration, and complex design, including natural, dynamic thinking, professional technology and artistic sense.

Business Fields

· Planning and design of urban planning facilities such as park green areas
- Parks and green areas, ecological parks, theme parks.
- Natural parks, natural recreation forests, forests, arboretums, gardens.
- Sports facilities, amusement parks, and cultural facilities
· Tourism Development Project
- Tourist attractions, tourist complexes, amusement parks, hot springs
- Golf courses, ski resorts, leisure sports facilities, tourism and recreation facilities.
· Planning and design of urban and residential environments
- Architecture and Apartment Landscape
- Housing development district, housing garden
- Street Environment and Street Facilities

Major Project