Urban Development Division

Environment Assessment Department

Ecological Network for Environmental Impact Assessment in the Housing Area of Seoul's Obum-Bum-Ji District

Environment Impact Assessment of the River Improvement Project in Hwangguji Stream

Post-Environment Influence of Seorak ? Cheongpyeong Road Construction

Noise Evaluation of the Noise Barrier Work on the Gyeongbu Line

Proliferation of the environmental impact assessment of dredging project at 17-Donggun Harbor, and the spread of air quality in the design of the abolition of Seocheon Thermal Power Co.

"Thinking about the environment. Thinking about the future."

Environment Assessment Department conducts environmental impact assessment and post-environmental impact survey under the Environmental Impact Assessment Act, integrated approval of emission facilities under the "Act on the Integrated Management of Environmental Pollution Facilities," and environmental consulting in the air, water quality, and noise areas (modelling of each area). We are committed to minimizing the impact on our environment with our expertise and extensive experience.

Business Fields

· Environmental impact assessment : Strategic environmental impact assessment, environmental impact assessment, small environmental impact
assessment, post environmental impact assessment
· Emission facility authorization : Integrated permit of integrated management business
· Environmental consulting : Environmental modeling of air, water quality, noise, and feasibility of location, etc.

Major Project