Environmental Division

Water Resources Department

Gokgyo Stream (Asan New Town District) Project Plan for River Environment Improvement Project

Study on the Expansion of the Flood Control Capacity of Bulgap Reservoir - PK Weir

Expansion of Drainage Door for the Sapgyo Embankment

Detailed Engineering Design Proposal of Ecotelta City, Busan, Stage 1, Lot 3

Comprehensive Plan for Natural Disaster Reduction in Paju

Master Plan for Improvement of Palembang City Drainage System in Indonesia

"Water, Foundation of Life. We will lead the development of safe and abundant water resources."

Water Resources Department improves the river environment, increase the capability of dams & reservoirs, including flood disaster prevention, supply & management via establishment of a basic river plan, maintenance, and engineering design.
Especially disaster prevention projects, we actively participate in the comprehensive natural disaster mitigation plan, disaster impact assessment, comprehensive storm water leakage reducing plan. Now, Water Resources Department of KDEC becomes a notable consultant team which provides casualty minimizing comprehensive plan.
In addition, Water Resources Department is making utmost efforts to develop water resources which can harmonize with humans and nature. Design quality improvement and continuous follow-up management works are major items of our efforts.

Business Fields

· Feasibility Study, Establishment of Basic Plan and Detailed Engineering Design for Flood Control projects
- Comprehensive Watershed Flood Control Plan
- Basic river plan (comprehensive river maintenance plan) and Detailed Engineering Design
- Drainage of Inner Basin Facility (rainwater pump station, Detention Basin) project
· Ecological River Formation Project
- Natural River Maintenance Project and ecological river formation project
· Feasibility Study Basic plan and implementation design of Relocation Water project
- Analyze the basin water balance and establish use plan
- Multi-purpose dam development project
- Cannal Way Project
· Embankment management measures
- Consultation work such as disaster impact assessment
- Establish readjustment plans, business plans and implementation plans for natural disaster improvement zone
- Establish a comprehensive plan for natural disasters reduction
- Measures to reduce rainwater runoff, plans for rainwater runoff reduction facilities, and plans for implementation of rainwater leakage
reduction facilities
- Analysis and evaluation of disaster recovery projects

Major Project