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"We creates light and energy brightening the world."

Plant Department of KDEC consists of mechanical, electrical and measurement control team. Based on the professional experience and technology accumulated in all areas of plants, including environmental facilities, power generation, industry, and fireworks. For pleasant life of all mankind, we are making efforts to create well-optimized plan that considers the latest trends.

Our major projects describe water supply facilities for living water, sewerage and wastewater treatment facilities, power generation facilities for the supply of heat, incineration. Also we’re in charge of waste resources, investigation, diagnosis, planning and design of the entire facility project.

In addition, we support the design of electrical facilities in traditional SOC projects such as roads, tunnels, special structures, bridges. To keep track of renewable energy trends, we are making efforts to secure the nature via establishing business plans such as hydropower, wind power, solar energy, and biogas systems.

Business Fields

· Environmental plant facilities
- Water treatment facilities, sewage treatment and re-use facilities
- Water Intake and drainage facilities (Water intake station, Reservoir, Pump station, etc.)
- Waste / Sewerage Treatment Facilities
- Disaster prevention facilities (rainwater pump station, drainage door, etc.)
- Sewage Sludge treatment facility (dry, carbonating, etc.)
- Incineration facilities, waste disposal and resource recovery facilities
- Turnkey and private investment business (Turn-key, BTO, BTO-a, etc.)
· Power plant facilities
- Diesel/gas engine power plant
- Combined Heat and Power Plant, Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant
· New Renewable energy systems (hydro, wind, solar, and bio gasification)
· Industrial plants and Oil Storage facilities
· Design of electrical facilities for roads, tunnels, and traffic communication devices
· Landscape lighting facilities for cultural properties, bridges, special structures, and buildings

Major Project