Environmental Division

Port and Harbor Department

"We develop Oceanic Culture and Technology connecting with the Sea"

Port and Harbor Department provides the most economical optimized harbor design service by conducting research, planning and design works reflecting efficient coastal structures, systematic use of marine space, sports and recreation activities.

Business Fields

· Implementation Plan and Engineering design of trade harbors, coastal harbors, national and local fishing harbors in the harbor sector
- Basic planning and Engineering design of inner walls, breakwater, and coastal line
- Planning and design of route marking facilities
- Canal planning and design
- Planning and Design of Harbor Support Facilities
· Planning and design of coastal conservation facilities
- Plan and Engineering Design of Public Water Reclamation
- Basic planning and Engineering Design of sea dyke and reclamation projects
- Plan and design of countermeasure plans for drift sand reclamation
- Feasibility study and Engineering Design of other offshore facilities (Marina, Dolphin, etc.)
· Basic planning and Engineering Design of the Imhae industrial complex
· Basic planning and Engineering Design of Shipyard Dry Dock
· Alternative and T/K engineering design