International Business Development Department

International Business Development Department

"We will be a leading partner in global markets."

KDEC has contributed to the infrastructure development of the country since its business kick off in 1988. With wide range of experience and frontier spirits in engineering disciplines, KDEC successfully launched its first overseas project in Algeria in 2008 and now still broadening global engineering markets to Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Mauritius, Cote d’Ivoire, and Ghana in Africa.

Now, the core technical skills and exceptional human resources of KDEC have proven their excellence in global markets beyond Africa in the countries of Asia, Middle East, and Latin America. KDEC will keep going ahead its growth as a Global Top Tier Engineering Company on the basic concept of collaboration and competition with advanced global leading consultants.

Business Fields

· Road, Airport and Auxiliary Facility Construction
- Road, Highway and Traffic
- Urban Planning and Industrial Complex Design
- Water Resources, Water Supply & Sanitation and Waste Disposal
- Airport, Railway
- Environment, Landscape
- Port and Harbor
· Affiliation agreement with overseas business partners
- Germany / England
- USA / Australia
- Libya / Mauritania / Algeria / Ethiopia / Kenya / Tanzania
- Nepal / Laos / Myanmar / Bangladesh / Vietnam / Indonesia / China / Cambodia
- Azerbaijan

Major Project