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Kyong Dong Engineering


Introduction of the business unit of Kyong Dong Engineering

Road Department

We design the aorta of the country with our High-technology

Structure Department

Safe and beautiful structure, it's the best goal and value

Geotechnology & Tunnel Department

From Soft Soil to Hard Rock! We provide total solution.

Traffic Planning Department

We will be the green light to your life

Railway Department

High-speed · Safe · Comfortable Railway System Establishment

Urban Planning Department

The city of Kyong Dong, where the present and the future coexist

Urban Civil Engineering Department

It is a specialized technology that combines technology and creativity to lead the era of the 4th industrial revolution

Landscape Leisure Department

It creates a pleasant space in harmony with nature

Environmental Assessment Department

Thinking about the environment. Thinking about the future

Water and sewage department

Clean water that connects our lives, design a better future

Water resources department

We will lead the development of water, safe and abundant water resources

Plant department

It creates light and energy that light up the world

Harbor department

Development of Oceanic Culture Leading Technology for Connecting the Sea

Project Management Department

Please leave it up to the experts in quality and safety management and business management of Kyong Dong

Overseas Business Department

Based on accumulated technology, we will become a leader in the overseas markets

Technical research department

Research new technologies that are more environmentally friendly and practical


Kyong Dong Engineering is the star of the hopeful future.


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