Overseas Project

[Algeria] Basic & Detailed Engineering Design for Skikda Expressway Project (40 km) (07/2011~10/2014)
[Algeria] Preliminary Study, Basic and Detailed Designs for Link Highway of Benisaf Commercial Zone and East West Highway (06/2012..
[Algeria] The Bridge Feasibility Study of the Intersection Between NR No.44 and le 20Aout 55 road (05/2014~03/2017)
[Algeria] Construction Supervision of the Connecting Highway Between East-West Expressway and Ghazaouet Port on 13km (01/2015~03/2..
[Algeria] Design and Construction Supervision of Connecting Highway between Mascara and East-West Highway(section1) (08/2015~04/20..
[Algeria] Construction Supervision for Facilities and Operation Equipment of East West Expressway (Central Section) (12/2014~06/20..
[Algeria] Design for Structures of the Project to Duplicate the Track and Rectification Plot of Bejaia-Beni Mansour-line Railroad ..
[Algeria] Construction Supervision of the Road Connecting Between East-West Expressway and Bejaia Port on 100km (12/2013~11/2020)
[Ethiopia] Consultancy Services for Preparation of Federal Network Master Plan (07/2012~06/2014)
[Ethiopia] Consulting Services for Construction Supervision of Design and Build of Modjo-Hawassa Highway Project; Phase I: Modjo-Z..
[Ethiopia] Consultancy Service for Preparation of Road Functional Classification for Federal and Regional Roads (11/2018~05/2020)
[Côted’Ivoire] Consultancy Service for National Road Network Master Plan (02/2015~12/2015)
[Côted’Ivoire] Pilot Project of Road Sector Capacity Building and F/S Korhogo-M‘bengue-Nielle (110km) (02/2016~10/2016)
[Mauritius] Consultancy Services for Design, Supervision and Project Management for Construction of Grade Separated Junctions at P..
[Uganda] Consultancy Services for Design Review and Construction Supervision of Kabembe-Kalagi-Nagalama (Lot 3), Namulonge-Kiwenda..